Testosterone is a steroid (androgen family) hormone that is produced in the body by the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands.  It is delivered to different parts of the body through the blood stream.

Males produce more testosterone than females, but it is equally important for the well being of both.

Testosterone is important for maintaining muscles and bones, brain function, gender definition, mood and maintain sexual function. It helps to prevent heart disease, deterioration of muscle, ligaments joints, tendons, and osteoporosis. It helps the skin from thinning by slowing preservation of collagen.


Signs and symptoms of waning testosterone are:

*Mood swings
*Feeling that you have passed your prime
*Loss of motivation to do anything
*Loss of muscle definition
*Weight gain
*Inadequate sleep, both falling and staying asleep
*Difficulty concentrating
*Fatigue, especially mid afternoon

*Loss or decrease of sex drive/libido
*Loss of morning erections for men

Testosterone is the feel-good hormone for men and women. It has a huge impact on how we age and helps to maintain the positive and healthy aspects of life we had when we were younger.

To see what your current level of Testosterone is a simple blood test is all that is needed.  Call our office if you would like to more information.

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