Homeopathic Remedy: Ledum Palustre

by Homeopathy

I had a great case of Ledum last week, I love it when homeopathy works so clearly and dramatically. A 74 year old man had shoulder replacement surgery. The pain at first was managed with Arnica. What I can say about that is there was never any bruising at all. Because of the local anesthesia given in surgery it was impossible to assess pain so I continued until the Arnica proved or disproved its efficacy. Saturday night came and so did the violent pain that everyone talks about after a shoulder replacement surgery. The only symptom I could get from him was it was a violent deep pain under the incision…okay that does nothing to help me find a remedy. So I inquired about how the surgery was done. A piece of the titanium was hammered into the bone; it made me think of a puncture wound to the bone. The first remedy to think of ALWAYS in a puncture wound is Ledum. So I had the patient take Ledum 200c. Well with in 30 minutes he was fast asleep and slept all night. He re-dosed the remedy only a few times if his arm ached and that was all. No more pain to speak of…ummmm REALLY? I do love homeopathy. This patient is now 2 weeks post surgery; he takes Ledum sometimes if he gets a pain and it instantly goes away. He is walking a few miles a day and getting ready to start rehab. He never once even took Tylenol! All I can say here is if you know a handful of first aid remedies and you try them you can do so much to manage pain. Here is a bit more about Ledum:

Ledum – This remedy has two main indications. The first is any kind of puncture wound. This can include stepping on a nail, a shot of any kind, the bite of an insect or even animal. The injury is not likely to be hot, but skin-temperature or even cool to the touch. This is one way you can tell it from a puncture wound on fingers and toes that would indicate Hypericum. A Hypericum injury will be hot or have a sensation of warmth. The second indication of Ledum is after an injury where perhaps Arnica did not work and the bruising is almost black in color.

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