Homepathic Remedy: Aristolochia

by Homeopathy

I am introducing you to a remedy that I have never really talked about. It is a homeopathic remedy that I did over 200 hours of research on and presented it to an international group several years back. However, I did not use it much at the time. This year, upon re-reading some of my notes I was reminded of the great uses of Aristolochia.

1. Chaffing – if you are prone to chaffing because your skin rubs together this is the remedy for you. It will stop the pain of chaffing, heal the skin, and allow you to walk on. Simply take the remedy as needed and the pain and chaffing will stop. My husband and I were out for many long walks and hikes. For him sometimes the chaffing can be so bad, in the past he would use Vaseline or some other cream to try to give a barrier with little if any success. After a single dose of Aristolochia the chaffing and pain was gone. He would need to redose, but it allowed him to carry on. I have since given it many times for the same thing.

2. Mosquito bite itching – This is perhaps my favorite thing ever! I have tried so many remedies to try to get mosquito bites to stop itching and always nothing…. However, Aristolochia is incredible, taking the itch away almost instantly. On my sabbatical I took a group of high school kids backpacking for 6 days. The mosquitos were like nothing I had ever seen before in my entire life! Those who wore shorts had at least 60 bites per legs, I am sure you can imagine the itching as you read this! Everyone got Aristolochia, the itching was gone, if it returned they redosed. It was the backpacking trip favorite.

3. Sun Burn Prevention – well sometimes I forget to apply or re-apply sunscreen…A true confession! If I have been out in the sun and realize I may burn, I take a dose of Aristolochia and nothing, no burn at all. When you take it for mosquito bite itching and forget to put on sunscreen or sweat it all off it also seems to act as prevention…Just saying from real experience where I was hiking in full sun at 11,000 feet! One of our kids on our backpacking trip was “lobster red” with burn and had at least 60 bites per limb (legs and arms) and 10 on the face…I of course gave Aristolochia and before our eyes not only did the itch stop, the “Lobster red” painful burn went to a painless “toasted marshmallow” color, never to peel… Several of my kids on the backpacking trip had the same experience.

This remedy is a true gem and one you should all have in your first aid kit!

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