Homeopathic Remedy: Eupatorium Perfoliatum

by Homeopathy

I saw the need for this remedy a few times during these last few months. Eup Perf has an affinity towards common winter and spring acute illnesses. Someone who needs this medicine will most likely have painful soreness of the eyeballs, a runny nose (the term in homeopathic literature is coryza) and aching in the bones. If you think that sounds a lot like influenza, you are correct but be VERY careful NEVER to attach a homeopathic medicine to a disease name, homeopathy ALWAYS treats the symptoms of the person. Different people will respond differently to illnesses and thus will need a medicine that corresponds to their symptoms. In addition to the aching pain in the bones, there is a sore bruised feeling all over the body and aching of the flesh. There will likely be hoarseness that is worse in the morning and a soreness in the chest while coughing. It is a bummer if you are this sick BUT you will be happy to see quick relief of Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

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