Homeopathic Remedy: Rumex

by Homeopathy

Did I mention that people are coughing and hacking all over the place right now? There are many possible homeopathic medicines to use but for today I am going to introduce you to Rumex. Rumex has a violent incessant dry cough. The cough gets worrse with the least cold air, so much so that this person coughing, will naturally try to keep their mouth covered to protect themselves from the cold air. They will likely not acknowledge that this is what they are doing, mostly because we are not trained to pay attention to our modalities (what makes us better or worse). This means we have to observe. Because of the sensitivity to cold you will also observe they cough more when they are outside or if they just came inside from the cold air. The cough is so constant it makes the person very tired. It is very dry so not much will come up. There is a peculiar symptom of a sensation of “something” in their throat that they cant get up, it tickles them and causes them to cough even more. This tickle may drive them crazy, this means that this poor person is all ready super annoyed that they are coughing so much, then there is a constant tickle and then the are exhausted…you can imagine their mood…yikes! So if you see this kind of cough, Rumex will come to the rescue!

How do you take a homeopathic medicine in an acute situation?

If you have these remedies on hand it is my preference to have them in 200c potencies. However, in an emergency I will take whatever I can get, often 30c potencies are what you can find over the counter. In general, if there is an acute situation, I encourage you to take one pellet every 15 minutes for an hour then as needed after depending on what your symptoms. If you are better than no new medicine is needed. If you are still experiencing pain and had relief when you took the homeopathic medicine, then redose as you need to when the pain returns. If you have taken a remedy every 15 minutes for an hour with no relief then it is unlikely that remedy will be helpful for you. There are many different case scenarios and if something is more severe where you think there needs to be a change or if something is not working as you think you should, then we recommend you reach out to us or your homeopath for advice.

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