Homeopathic Remedy: Ranunculus Bulbosus

by Homeopathy

This remedy has one great need from an at home use: bruised or fractured ribs… that is all you need to know about this remedy. I had a patient this fall fracture 5 ribs after he fell at home. As some of you have the unfortunate experience to know, rib fractures hurt really bad and there is nothing but time to help. So, my patient who collapsed was put on heavy opioids for his pain, he then reached out to me to ask if there was something other than opioids he could use as the side effects of narcotics can be rough. I had him take Ranunculus every 15 minutes for an hour then every hour and report to me the next day. The next day he said to me…I have no pain; I never took narcotics. If I get a little pain, I redose and it is gone. His twin brother was with him on the call, and he said jokingly: That Ranunculus is Ridiculous! From then on, he and his brother would laugh when it was time to take the ridiculous remedy! I hope you never really are in a situation to need Ranunculus but if you hurt your ribs – this remedy will be your new best friend!

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