Homeopathic Remedy: Calendula

by Homeopathy

Calendula is so good for any inflammation, cuts or injuries in the mouth. If you are having trouble with gingivitis or any other sores in the mouth; place calendula 30c in 1ounce of water, swish it around and spit it out. Do this 2-3 times a day for a week and see if it helps!

I had a patient last week who had a root canal, after there was almost as much pain as before the root canal. The dentist was perplexed saying “the root is gone, there should be no more pain”. My patient said ‘well I did not get that memo it hurts just as bad’. I had her do this calendula trick and after the first dose the pain was gone, she did not even need to continue the rinse for a week like I suggested. All I can say is when the right homeopathic medicine is give the effects are AMAZING!

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