Homeopathic Remedy: Aconite

by Homeopathy

Aconite has three main indications: .

  1. A violent illness with a sudden onset.
  2. Ailments from cold air and cold wind.
  3. Ailments from fright or shock.

A person who needs aconite will always have sudden and usually intense symptoms. Sometimes there can be great fear and anxiety accompanying their state. If someone is exposed to a great fright or shock Aconite is the first remedy to think of. This can be witnessing an accident or hearing terrible news. I once was told of the sudden and unexpected passing of the father of one of my best friends. The state of shock, not grief (at first) that I went into was perhaps one of the most violent and intense situations I have ever experienced. It was Aconite that helped pull me out of this state.

Aconite can also be indicated in an acute cold, ear infection, croup, sore throat where the symptoms come on very suddenly and are very intense. In this state the person will have a red and flushed face however as soon as they rise out of bed they will become pale.

The last state is an ailment from being exposed to cold or windy air. Often if one is exposed to a cold wind, for many that is when people have a cold or flu triggered. You can use aconite as a prevention if you are at a soccer game for example and the air is cold and windy and you become very chilled. It very well can prevent a cold from starting.

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