Homeopathic Remedy: Arnica Montana

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Arnica, the default remedy in any kind of blunt trauma

If you know one homeopathic medicine it should be Arnica.  Arnica montana is considered the default homeopathic medicine in any kind of blunt trauma injury.  Many who know homeopathy will ask how I can say that, homeopathy is much more individualized.  Yes you are correct and the symptoms of all injuries caused by severe bruising or cuts of tissue of the skin are tolerably uniform in character.

Here are some of the indications that someone would need Arnica:

  • Hard distension with constant pains, like an internal sore; when coughing, blowing the nose, and stepping as if painfully concussed, lacerated, or cut to pieces; and even on slightly touching it externally, as if a wound were cut into.
  • Aching pains
  • Bruised pains
  • Sensation of painful blows as if electric shock
  • Jerking shooting pains
  • Pains as if after a blow
  • Pains as if a knife were thrust through
  • Redness and heat in one part of body and rest of body cool
  • Dislocated pain
  • Pain as if knocked against something
  • Twitching of the muscles
  • Sudden loss of power
  • Pain with the slightest movements
  • Pains as if sprained

Arnica is especially indicated in a sudden unexpected trauma.  Although it is the default remedy in injury, unless you see a clear shift in 24 hours, it is not the right remedy. When it works it is very fast acting.  The chief sensation of Arnica is a bruised sore feeling all over, even the bed feels too hard.  This means they can’t get comfortable so they will change position frequently appearing very restless.  Sometimes you will find someone who needs arnica in shock, especially right after an injury. Can you picture the person who does something silly like close the trunk of their car and it hits their head…this is an injury that could be severe but not severe enough that they get knocked out.  They will walk around and say “I am fine”  or “Don’t worry about me” when in reality they just received a concussion.  This is a perfect example of when a person would need Arnica.

How do you take Arnica in a first aid situation?

Depending on the injury will depend on how frequently you would redose any homeopathic remedy.  In general I don’t tell people to take Arnica unless I think the injury is significant so I will say to each of my patents, take every 15 minutes for an hour then after the hour. depending on the intensity of injury continue or slow down to each hour.  I do want to make a point that if you have a major injury you may still have pain but the pain should be much less and more manageable. If there is no relief after an hour then it is likely not the best homeopathic medicine for you. In this case you must detail the symptoms so that we can find a better homeopathic medicine.

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