Sneaky Forms of Sugar can impact your Adrenals

by Nutrition


When stress hits the fan we often reach for something that can make us feel better in the moment. Sugar is a common go-to for many people when the stress is high and the energy is low. These sugary foods can cause our adrenals to reach “burn-out” due to the rollercoaster effect with our blood sugar…not to mention our waistline as well! 


There are the obvious foods to avoid (or limit the amount of), and then there are the sneaky culprits to watch out for – Condiments and Salad Dressings, Breads and Grains, Yogurt, Liquid Sugar, and Gums and Mints can sneak into your diet and cause a quick swing in your energy and mood.


The more we can stabilize our blood sugar the better we will feel. Maintaining a whole-foods-plant-based approach to eating will keep you feeling satiated and will help limit the “fight or flight” response our body goes through when eating processed foods and sugars. In addition, avoiding sugars and eating more plants will help turn our body into fat burning machines. 



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