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Hello and happy September. The season is changing for sure, you can hear the crickets chirping and feel the crisp cool air that signals the fall. It is a good time of year to re-establish routine, especially if you have played hard all summer. School has started for students and educators, and of course back to school germs are alive and well. It amazes me how a change of season can change our susceptibility towards illness and just like that everyone has some kind of virus. I like to think of it as a detox, a way to warm up our bodies to be prepared for the colder seasons.

I am asked always what to do about back to school germs or the fall cold. I have a protocol I have used for years if you a are getting sick and many of you know it:

If you are getting sick do the following (unless you are pregnant then do not do this)

  • 10,000 IU vitamin D once a day for 5 days
  • 2000-5000mg of vitamin C once a day for 5 days (take this to bowel tolerance, if you get diarrhea you have taken too much)
  • 50mg of Zinc once a day for 5 days (don’t take this on an empty stomach or with grains of any kind or you WILL get an upset stomach)
  • 100,000 IU of vitamin A once a day for 5 days (this is a high dose and you MUST NOT do this if you are pregnant)

If it is your child getting sick, I just take the above formula and cut in in half.

  • Aconitum Napellus 30c one pellet twice a day for 5 days

There are also a few supplement protocols that I like a bit that you can take on a regular basis. Below you can find a link to “fullscript” an online platform where you can buy this protocol or see a few others that I have put together that I really like. If you don’t have a fullscript account with me (it’s free to start and you receive awesome automatic discounts!) click the first link to sign up!



Of Course I would not be myself if I did not talk about homeopathy. I do have the Flu 2023 in the office, this is something I have people take once a week during cold and flu season (October – March) to prevent colds and flus. If you want some call the office and we can get it for you.

Other homeopathic remedies that can be helpful:

  • Aconitium Napellus (Aconite) – take at sudden onset of a cold or flu
  • Ferrum Phos – take on early stages of a cold, where you feel it coming but it is not major
  • Nux Vomica – stuffy cold with a lot of sneezing and irritability
  • Natrum Mur – stuffy cold with egg white mucous discharge
  • Allium Cepa – burning eyes or nose with the cold.

There are countless homeopathic medicines for a cold or a flu. It is always based on the symptoms you present with, if you can match the symptoms you have with the symptoms of a homeopathic medicine you will get better faster.

Stay healthy and let me know if you need anything.


Dr. Amerine


Also called Marsh Labrador Tea, Ledum Palustre is an absolute powerhouse!

I had a great case of Ledum last week, I love it when homeopathy works so clearly and dramatically. A 74 year old man had shoulder replacement surgery on Friday August 25th. The pain at first was managed with Arnica. What I can say about that is there was never any bruising at all. Because of the local anesthesia given in surgery it was impossible to assess pain so I continued until the Arnica proved or disproved its efficacy. Saturday night came and so did the violent pain that everyone talks about after a shoulder replacement surgery. The only symptom I could get from him was it was a violent deep pain under the incision…okay that does nothing to help me find a remedy. So I inquired about how the surgery was done. A piece of the titanium was hammered into the bone; it made me think of a puncture wound to the bone. The first remedy to think of ALWAYS in a puncture wound is Ledum. So I had the patient take Ledum 200c. Well with in 30 minutes he was fast asleep and slept all night. He re-dosed the remedy only a few times if his arm ached and that was all. No more pain to speak of…ummmm REALLY? I do love homeopathy. This patient is now 2 weeks post surgery; he takes Ledum sometimes if he gets a pain and it instantly goes away. He is walking a few miles a day and getting ready to start rehab. He never once even took Tylenol! All I can say here is if you know a handful of first aid remedies and you try them you can do so much to manage pain. Here is a bit more about Ledum:

Ledum – This remedy has two main indications. The first is any kind of puncture wound. This can include stepping on a nail, a shot of any kind, the bite of an insect or even animal. The injury is not likely to be hot, but skin-temperature or even cool to the touch. This is one way you can tell it from a puncture wound on fingers and toes that would indicate Hypericum. A Hypericum injury will be hot or have a sensation of warmth. The second indication of Ledum is after an injury where perhaps Arnica did not work and the bruising is almost black in color.

Lifestyle Corner


I am a better person when I can get out into nature. I actually forgot this until this summer, it seems a bit crazy to say. I was camping over 20 days this summer and with each trip that I came home from I was a happier person, better mom, better wife, better doctor and had amazing energy. We can get so busy in our life that we forget that we need to get outside. We think we are too busy to get out, but I am pretty sure that if we don’t get out our productivity actually goes down. If we can spend time in nature our productivity goes up, and our time is thus managed better and we actually have more free time! I urge you to take the time to get out to nature at least once a week. Go for a walk, go for a hike, go sit under a tree and let the ground support you…Do something out in nature!

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