Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Interconnectedness of Nature and Health

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Interconnectedness of Nature and Health

From the tiniest of microscopic organisms to the complexity of larger life forms and the vastness of the cosmos, in nature there exists a repetition of shapes, structures, and patterns. These geometric archetypes, known throughout the ages as Sacred Geometry, are found in chemistry, physics, mathematics, physiology, and even in art and music. Perhaps you have heard of Sacred Geometry or maybe this is your first encounter with the concept. Regardless of your knowledge or experience, you may find the ideas about Sacred Geometry interesting and entertaining to ponder in view of the interconnectedness of nature and health. So let’s enlighten our perspective to see what Sacred Geometry is all about and how it may enrich our lives.

Geometry: A Quick Review

Sacred Geometry

Think back to when you first learned about geometry. You probably learned that geometry is the mathematical expression of relationships between points, lines, angles, surfaces, solids, and multi-dimensional objects. You may also know that geometry provides a foundation (or framework) for building things.

Just as humans use geometry as the mathematical foundation for building things, so does nature. You wouldn’t look at a door frame and say “that’s the whole of the house,” and you cannot claim a house is whole without the doors in place. In nature and health, geometry similarly shows us how the parts of a structure are connected to the whole structure: the cells that build up into organs, and then systems, and then a whole human being (or tree, or flower, or mountain lion).

Sacred Geometry, then, can be thought of as the mathematical framework that exists throughout nature–including health. This framework is built from a set of foundational geometric shapes that give rise to increasingly complex patterns. Sacred Geometry gives us a visual and mathematical language for understanding the relationship between the parts and the whole of something in nature – from molecular structures and tiny organisms the naked eye can’t see to the complexity of the human body and the cosmos.

Where did Sacred Geometry Come From?

Throughout history and across many different cultures and religions (Greek, Egyptian, Asian, Hindu, and Christian to name a few), shapes, symbols and patterns have been apparent not only in carvings and buildings, but also in spiritual and academic teachings, art, and music. The identification of these patterns in nature brought forth the ideas behind Sacred Geometry.

What are the Foundational Shapes?

The foundational shapes of Sacred Geometry are considered “building blocks” for more complex and intricate shapes and patterns. The basic building blocks are:

  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Spiral

When the foundational shapes repeat in a sequence, they form more intricate shapes and patterns, including multidimensional objects. The Fibonacci Sequence is a repeating sequence of numbers that, when represented geometrically, forms a spiral pattern that appears in numerous biological objects (flower petals, fruits and vegetables, tree branches, spiral galaxies and a multitude of others).

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry and the Human Body

The DNA spiral, the structure of chemical compounds, the pattern of movement of muscle contractions–these and many other functions within the human body can be viewed through the lens of Sacred Geometry. When all physiological systems and structures are in proper alignment and balance, the body functions optimally. It is more efficient. It is more resilient. It is strong and pliable. The body’s innate power to heal is more accessible.

How can Sacred Geometry Support Balanced Health?

We understand from advanced physics and mathematics that objects in the universe hold energy and are in varying states of energetic vibration. Even our senses are attuned to these vibrations. (A simple example is hearing, which responds to vibrations carried by sound waves).

It is thought that each geometric shape holds a specific energy or vibration. By surrounding yourself with these “sacred shapes,” you can create space for rebalancing and healing that is in tune with the vibrations of the natural world.

Sacred Geometry can be used as a mindfulness tool in many different ways. Begin by selecting geometrically shaped objects that resonate with you. These can be in the form of jewelry, picture frames, candles, yoga poses, and artwork among other things you might find appealing. Next, find a way of using the object during any of the following practices:

  • During body work (acupuncture, massage therapy)
  • During meditation
  • While practicing yoga
  • Walking meditation (a labyrinth, corn maze, city streets)
  • Dancing a specific pattern
  • Drawing and coloring patterns such as Mandalas
  • Decorating your home or an altar space
  • Wearing the object or carrying it with you

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