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October Newsletter

I love to hear people comment on what their favorite season is. For many the fall is their favorite, the cool air, the beauty of the color changes. For you, be still and savor it, enjoy each day. Others like the fall but it represents the cold season ahead. If this is you, be still and enjoy the time, tomorrow will have worries of its own. Regardless of your season it is so important to stay present, be in the moment. To worry about tomorrow only steals the peace of today. For me this time of year is a mixed bag, summer is my personal favorite time of the year. When the fall comes it reminds me that my favorite time of the year is over. However I love the beauty of the fall and yet miss the heat of the sun. So I too will stay present and not grieve the end of summer.

There are so many great things going on at our clinic, some of which take place in the office and some is all virtual. The great thing is that we can help our patients no matter where in the world they are. As some of you have found out it has been harder and harder to get a new patient appointment with me. I have had some patients wait 12-13 months for an appointment. Currently I am booking new patients who want to see me for September of 2023. Quite frankly that is much too long to wait. It runs deep to my core to want to help and make sure each of you have the very best care.

In my attempt to do this, I have hired two expert naturopathic doctors who specialize in homeopathy just like me. It is VERY hard to find good homeopaths and even harder to find good homeopaths who have a degree in medicine. I searched high and low for just the right doctors and found two: . The catch to these two AMAZING doctors is that they do not live in Colorado. You may ask how this will work and what does this mean if you live in Colorado? The answer is easy, for those of you who see me currently you know that for my entire 18 year career much of my practice is done using telemedicine. I was using telemedicine way before it was “cool” and continue to use it now that it is more “annoying”. So it is very easy for you to see Dr. Knapp or Dr. Calica in our secure on line virtual office.

I know that in person is preferred for a lot of people, I also know that 13 months is way to long to wait to be seen. It is true there are many great doctors who can help, it is also true that I want to have as many resources for all of you as I possibly can. So if you are looking for great care and want homeopathy specifically, even though I am not readily available, Dr. Knapp and Dr. Calica are. Another note is that every week the three of us get together for a ground rounds, sharing our cases and helping each other should we need it. This means that each of you potentially have 3 expert brains on your case!

You all have made my practice what it is and for that I am forever grateful!

In Health,
Dr. Amerine


When I was 10 years old, my friend Kay was riding her bike to my house when she was bit by a dog. We got her to my house and I of course had it all under control. This wound was at least 4 inches wide and one inch deep (as far as I can remember that is, so maybe not that big but it was a BIG wound). I promptly cleaned out the wound with water and did what every 10 year old would clearly do and packed it with calendula ointment, wrapped it up, left a message for her mom then went to watch TV. When Kay was taken to the ER by her mother, the doctors may or may not have freaked out. It was packed with what???? So they flushed it out, promptly scolded Kay for letting her friend pack the wound, you never let someone do such a thing. O well, I suppose the wound was flushed, they did not want to use stitches because of fear of infections so they decided to let the bite heal from the bottom up. Kay and her mother were told that it would be terribly infected and they were going to place a drain. However, HOMEOPATHY to the rescue! The calendula in was able to promote the prompt healing of this bite, the wound healed with no infection and no draining. All the doctors were amazed, my comment…you should learn about homeopathy!

See below for Calendula and Pet skin health!


this remedy is for lacerations. The lacerations can be of the skin, a wound in the mouth from a dental extraction and even a laceration of a muscle internally. Calendula most frequently is used topically as an ointment. If you have a scrape or a cut you can apply calendula ointment (not gel or lotion but ointment) to the wound and it will help it to heal minimizing any scaring or infections. In the mouth I used calendula succus, which is an herbal tincture. I will use one dropper of the succus in one ounce of water as a mouth rinse after extractions of teeth or injuries of any kind to the mouth. You can take calendula in potency too for any of these kinds of injuries however I have always used it topically myself.

Lifestyle Corner

Relationships: We are not meant to go through this life alone or in isolation. It is very important to have good relationships. The healthiest populations in the world tend to be close to much of their family and have a handful of good friends. Our brains and bodies are stimulated in a positive way when we surround ourselves with loved ones. Make it a priority to have family dinners, even if you can only do a few a week. Make it a priority to meet up with a friend, even if only a few times per month.

If you are interested in individualized lifestyle on topics such as sleep and rest, exercise, healthy relationships, stress management, the need for fresh air, nature and breathing, and nutrition, contact our office so we can schedule a free consult with our health coach, Kristen.

October Newsletter Blog Feature

Acne Remedy – From Diet to Skincare Routine

Ranging from minor flare-ups to significant inflammation, acne is a condition that varies in appearance and severity, primarily appearing on the face, chest, and back. Many teenagers struggle with acne and it can linger well into adulthood. Whether acne is mild or severe, the best approach to treatment is individualized, utilizing natural and safe therapies from a qualified holistic health practitioner. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that play a role in the development of acne and holistic “from the inside out” approaches commonly used to heal acne.

What Does Acne Look Like?
The appearance of acne can vary from person to person and where it appears on the body.

  • Scaly red skin (seborrhea)
  • Pinheads (papules)
  • Blackheads/whiteheads
  • Nodules or cysts
  • Rash-like clusters

Scarring can result from acne that is inflamed, picked-at, or not properly treated. The results can be emotionally crushing for both teens and adults. Consequently, over $100 million dollars annually is spent on non-prescription treatments for acne.

How Acne Develops
Problems can begin at any age and there is no reliable method to estimate how long it takes to clear up. When acne arises, it’s due to changes in the skin structures deep below the surface including hair follicles and sebaceous glands (oil-producing). Development of acne is often multifaceted including factors such as:

  • Family history
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress level
  • Exposure to toxins or irritants
  • Nutrition
  • Abrasive cleansing products
  • Use of cosmetics containing allergens, irritants, and chemicals

Of these factors, nutrition exerts the strongest influence over the prevention and healing of acne. The nourishment we give our bodies fuels many processes that affect the organs of detoxification. Specifically, the liver and the skin (integumentary system) help keep the surface of the skin glowing.

7 Simple Dietary Habits to Support Healthy Skin

  1. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Healthcare recommendations vary from 6-8 glasses of water a day, to drinking at least one-half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces. Talk with your holistic practitioner about what’s right for you, based on your health and lifestyle, including diet, exercise, occupation, climate, supplements and other therapies.
  2. Avoid sugar-laden drinks and reduce caffeine intake. The theory is that caffeine invokes the stress response (it elevates HR, BP, cortisol,etc.), and circulating stress hormones contribute to acne. Overconsumption of caffeine may trigger and worsen existing acne.
  3. Eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds– opt for nutrient-dense foods.
  4. Avoid hydrogenated /partially hydrogenated oils/fats such as those found in processed food.
  5. Take nutritional supplements to support the skin (e.g., zinc, vitamin D/ E/ A).
  6. Take a probiotic to support gut health (another detox pathway).
  7. Take Essential Fatty Acids, which are important to skin health.

Holistic Skin Care Tips

  • Avoid harsh cleansing products such as astringents. These initially feel refreshing, but their potency actually dries out the skin, signaling the glands to produce more oil.
  • Utilize plant-based (botanical) cleansers that contain herbs and floral components that are gentle and effective for nourishing and cleansing the skin. Some common botanical ingredients are calendula, chamomile, cucumber, citrus, rose, Manuka honey, tea tree, witch hazel, among many others. Avoid cleansers that contain any plant to which you have an allergy or sensitivity.
  • Explore Phytotherapy (the medical use of plant extracts), which can include a variety of botanicals that are used topically or taken in a tincture or capsule, depending upon the severity of the acne.
  • Wash daily with lukewarm water and a gentle soap such as one made from goat’s milk, olive oil, or coconut oil. Follow with a cool rinse.
  • Use a soft clean washcloth or a soft, natural sponge (change monthly to avoid build-up of bacteria).
  • Use a toner when you are not able to wash your face midday or after exercising (look for a mild herbal-based product). Saturate a small face sponge or cotton ball and apply in smooth strokes across the skin to remove sweat, oil and dirt.
  • Apply moisturizer daily.
  • Change pillow covers weekly.

Finally, to soothe flare-ups, nourish the skin with herbal salves and essential oil compresses to suit individual needs. To discover what phytotherapy-based cleansing routine, nutritional supplements, and dietary changes would best support your skin’s needs, consult with a holistic health practitioner.

Interested in Become a Patient?

Thanks so much for your interest in Pure Homeopathy! We are a naturopathic team of homeopathy experts, offering virtual care around the globe. We also offer a variety of supportive health services at our clinic in Lafayette, Colorado.

Are you interested in becoming a patient? Book a complimentary call with one of our doctors. You can do this by calling 303-665-2423. Our team will answer all your questions and get you scheduled for the service that makes sense to you. We can’t wait to support you with natural approaches that address the root cause and get you to feel better and stay there.

We can’t wait to help get you whole healthcare for life!

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