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I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I love love love to cook for my family and friends. I love even more to sit around a table with those I love. The last gift I got from my grandparents was a custom table that on a normal day is a 6 foot table, BUT it has 16 leaves so I can pull it out to 22 feet and fit so many people. This year a patient offered to raise a turkey for me on her homestead and it was AMAZING!!! We fed 21 people with that turkey…days like that fill my heart!

On to news in homeopathy. Some of you may be aware that there is much going on with homeopathy and the FDA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new guidelines for homeopathic drugs that would give the agency the power to remove properly formulated homeopathic products currently legal under the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act which governs the FDA.

In addition, since the FDA has withdrawn its previous policy—which outlined clear steps for bringing homeopathic medicines to market—the agency has provided no clear guidance on how manufacturers should comply with the law. The results so far have been chaos and a de facto removal of an entire category of homeopathic medicines. The agency’s abrupt moves have thrown manufacturers, practitioners, consumers and, indeed, the entire homeopathy community into confusion and uncertainty.

The proposed guidelines would change the status of homeopathic drugs from a special category of medicine and put them into a group considered “unapproved.” This means that all homeopathic medicines would become technically illegal and could be removed at any time by order of the FDA.

Last week the FDA sent this draft guidance to the White House to be signed and accepted as the official guidelines. Several groups, ones that I am actively involved in have been meeting with the FDA and even the regulatory office at the White House itself. I don’t often involve you in the back end politics of homeopathy but we do need your help and we need it today, the 28th of November. Help us tell the president that the FDA draft guidance fails to regulate homeopathic medicines in accordance with the law. Would you be willing to click on this link to send an urgent letter to President Biden, it takes less than 30 seconds.

The implications of this guidance being accepted is technically not legal but as many law makers don’t know that. This means it could get slipped through leaving the FDA the authority to pull any homeopathic product off the shelf at any time unless it undergoes the same several million dollar process that new drugs to the market have to do. Our deadline for these signatures is tonight at midnight Eastern Time. If you did not read this in time it is okay, I gave you 11 hours of notice :). I will keep you all updated to what happens.

If you want to learn more and understand the threat to homeopathy I will direct you to . It is a great resource that details out exactly what has happened and what is happening. I urge you to check it out.

While I bring this to your attention and it is something to take very serious, I want to remind you to all keep your cool, pay attention to what is happening, contribute where you can and trust that all will be okay in the end, in other words don’t let this steal your peace.

In Health,

Dr. Amerine


I know you love fun homeopathy stories. I was on an airplane a few years ago with my family. I have no idea where we were going but I do remember in the air we encountered the strongest turbulence I have ever experienced. I don’t know how far the plane free-fell before bouncing like a ball then falling again, and bouncing back even higher…yes it was as terrible as it sounds! My daughters were sitting a few rows away from my husband and I…we had no issues hearing Brianna scream even from a few rows away. After the great fright of free-falling, she still screamed complaining that her ear was hurting violently. She was completely inconsolable, so my homeopath brain kicked in, what remedy has a sudden onset of symptoms, many times after a great fright…Aconite… (I made a rhyme at the same time hahah, I am a poet and I didn’t know it!). Anyways, I passed the Aconite across the rows to Brianna with a note to take a dose immediately. She did so and with in 30 seconds she calmed down and fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. When the plane landed I asked her how her ear was… “Oh Mom…it is fine!” I had to question myself, was this as dramatic as I remembered in the moment? It was and this is the power of homeopathy in first-aid situations!


Aconite has three main indications: 1. Ailments from fright or shock. 2. A violent illness with a sudden onset. 3. Ailments from cold air and cold wind.

A person who needs aconite will always have sudden and usually intense symptoms. Sometimes there can be great fear and anxiety accompanying their state. If someone is exposed to a great fright or shock Aconite is the first remedy to think of. This can be witnessing an accident or hearing terrible news. I once was told of the sudden and unexpected passing of the father of one of my best friends. The state of shock, not grief (at first) that I went into was perhaps one of the most violent and intense situations I have ever experienced. It was Aconite that helped pull me out of this state.

Aconite can also be indicated in an acute cold, ear infection, croup, sore throat where the symptoms come on very suddenly and are very intense. In this state the person will have a red and flushed face however as soon as they rise out of bed they will become pale. The last state is an ailment from being exposed to cold or windy air. Often in the spring or fall one is exposed to a cold wind, for many that is when people have a cold or flu triggered. You can use aconite as a prevention if you are at a soccer game for example and the air is cold and windy and you become very chilled. It very well can prevent a cold from starting.

Lifestyle Corner

Stress management: Like it or not we all face stress in our life. A good friend of mine once said we are either going into a storm, we are in the middle of a storm, or we are just coming out of a storm. Where are you at right now? The better we can practice stress management when times are good, the better we can navigate our stress in the middle of the storm. There are many ways that this can be accomplished. For some this is exercise, for some this is journaling and others it is meditation. In the Blue Zone Solutions research, they found that most people who lived to be 100 years old all had a significant faith. Their faith varied depending on the part of the world in they lived in, but they all had a solid faith. I can say this is very true in my life, a strong faith has given me the primary tools to navigate stressful storms. Of course other things we have talked about are important as well including our relationships, exercise, what we eat etc. The better our lifestyle the better we will endure stressors that come our way.

If you are interested in individualized lifestyle on topics such as sleep and rest, exercise, healthy relationships, stress management, the need for fresh air, nature and breathing, and nutrition, contact our office so we can schedule a free consult with our health coach, Kristen.

November Blog Feature

Immunity - The Secrets to Building Your "Immunity Superpower"

The Secrets to Building Your “Immunity Superpower”

It’s likely we all know someone who seems to have “superhuman” health. While we mortals battle seasonal allergies, colds, flu, stomach bugs and whatever else is making the rounds at schools and workplaces, these immunity superheroes go on working and playing or, if they do get sick, they overcome it quickly. Why is that?

Since the time of Hippocrates, the answer has been a mystery capturing the attention of doctors and researchers. In fact, there is a rigorous area of research known as psychoneuroimmunology that specifically focuses on this mystery. That’s a fancy word for the study of the way the mind (psych), the body (neuro, nervous system), and the immune system interact and contribute to both good health and illness, as well as recovery from illness, among other areas of scientific interest.

Research has begun to reveal how genetics, lifestyle, stress, personal history of illness and exposure to toxins affect the strength and resiliency of our immune response. These discoveries help delineate the characteristics that give some people “immunity superpowers” and explain why the rest of us have more kryptonite to overcome in our quest for health and vitality.

What Makes Us Vulnerable to Getting Sick?
When a person gets sick — be it an acute illness like a cold, a chronic disease such as diabetes, or something more serious like cancer or COVID-19 — a number of factors contribute to what makes us vulnerable to illness:

Genetics and family history.

An increased likelihood for certain diseases can be “set-up” in a person’s biology by genetics and family history. But biology is not destiny. Just because a parent had a certain illness, doesn’t mean you are destined to the same fate. You are a unique individual living in a different time, having different experiences, with likely more knowledge about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle than the family who came before you.


While genetics provides your body with a template for health versus disease risk, the environment in which you work, live, and play fills in the details for that template to activate/deactivate different pathways within the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. This revolutionary field of study known as epigenetics examines how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.


Broadly speaking, lifestyle is the end-game when it comes to vulnerability to or resilience over illness. Your lifestyle habits can make you more likely to get ill in two ways:

  1. by activating your genetic predispositions or
  2. by introducing germ-warfare that your body is not equipped to defend against.

On the positive side, lifestyle habits can rewire genetic predispositions and strengthen the immune response, which makes your body more resilient to viral or bacterial invaders.
Health science has shown us strong evidence for what we can do to make our bodies healthy, more resilient to illness, and better able to thrive as nature intended.

How to Build Your Immunity Superpower

There are several lifestyle “secrets” that can help you build your immunity superpower:

Nourish the Body.

Your body needs fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables; lean meat, poultry and fish; healthy oils, whole grains, and nuts. It needs adequate hydration for digestion and absorption of nutrients and the efficiency with which all organ systems are able to work. You can complement high-quality nutrition with supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are known to support the immune system (e.g., cod liver oil, probiotics, garlic, vitamins D, antioxidants such as vitamin C and A, astragalus, and ashwagandha among many others).

Relax the Mind/Body.

Taking time to relax — away from phones and other screens — is essential to immunity. Research on the power of the mind over illness, and the effects of stress on immunity, demonstrates that a calm mind/body is better able to defend against disease and can even reduce the severity of illness when it occurs. Yoga, breathwork, mindfulness practices, massage therapy, gardening, zen sandboxes, guided imagery, and having a good laugh (yes! laughter) are a few of the practices that can shift the body’s template from disease-promoting to health-promoting.

Move the Body.

Consistent, moderately vigorous daily exercise not only does wonders for heart, lungs, and muscles, it’s good for the health of the brain and immune system. If you aren’t exercising regularly, consult with your holistic health practitioner or a certified fitness professional to help you get started.

Live Clean.

Strive to actively control the things you use and put in your environment. Use air purifiers and clean home air filters regularly. Use organic (less toxic) household cleaning supplies and carefully choose the cosmetics you use on your skin.
Remember: health is a journey. The more often you practice healthy lifestyle habits, the healthier you make the template within the body and the more likely you will be to create your own “health superpower.”


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