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PureHomeopathy Newsletter – March 2024

Happy March!

I woke today to chirping birds…that made me so happy! I think I have talked before about my love of wool. It is the most amazing fiber. A few of you right now are having the yuck – ‘but it itches’ you say…bear with me and hear me out. Wool in modern times can be treated and spun differently so the itch you once had wearing it is no longer. I won’t write a lecture here on wool, maybe I will sprinkle more things about it in future writings or maybe I will do a fun webinar on ‘why wool’.

Today I want to talk about the use of a “Medicinal Wool Scarf”. As the spring wind blows and the air changes, we are prone to spring colds and sore throats or even allergies. The use of a medicinal wool scarf can help your recovery. If your throat is sore, you will wrap the scarf around your throat. If you have a headache or are congested, you can wrap it around your head. Some of my patients have told me that when they get a sore throat, and they use the scarf the throat pain ceased within the day when those around them had sore throat pain that continued for days. If you are wondering where you can get one of these great scarfs, I found a great woman in Oklahoma who makes them: Hannah at Living4Crafting.com. She sent some to me in the office, so we have some in stock. Let me know if you want one and we can get it for you, Hannah sells them for $20.

What are other health benefits of wool?

· Temperature Regulation – Wool has the unique ability to self-regulate temperature. Wool fibers keep a pocket of air close to your body. The coil-shaped fibers naturally wick excess heat and moisture from your skin.

· Allergies and Asthma – Dust mites are the number one cause of allergies and asthma. The natural fibers in wool absorb and destroy moisture, creating a dry environment that is hostile to the growth of bacteria, fungus and dust mites.

Many say wool is hard because it is difficult to wash – Because of the antimicrobial properties of wool, the best way to wash wool is to hang it out in the fresh air – no need to get wet (unless you spill food down your front or on your blanket). So take the wool, hang it outside in the sun and it will self-clean. There is actually a 100-day clothing challenge for wool. Check out this web page for more information about the lack of traditional washing of wool: https://pricklythistle.shop/en-us/pages/no-wash-club

As spring blossoms there is much to look forward to, we will be outside enjoying the new season and we hope you will be too. If you have any needs or questions please let us know..

In Health,

Dr. Lisa Amerine

Homeopathy ER

Ranunculus bulbosus

This remedy has one great need from an at home use: bruised or fractured ribs… that is all you need to know about this remedy. I had a patient this fall fracture 5 ribs after he fell at home. As some of you have the unfortunate experience to know, rib fractures hurt really bad and there is nothing but time to help. So, my patient who collapsed was put on heavy opioids for his pain, he then reached out to me to ask if there was something other than opioids he could use as the side effects of narcotics can be rough. I had him take Ranunculus every 15 minutes for an hour then every hour and report to me the next day. The next day he said to me…I have no pain; I never took narcotics. If I get a little pain, I redose and it is gone. His twin brother was with him on the call, and he said jokingly: That Ranunculus is Ridiculous! From then on, he and his brother would laugh when it was time to take the ridiculous remedy! I hope you never really are in a situation to need Ranunculus but if you hurt your ribs – this remedy will be your new best friend!

April 19-21, 2024

The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is an exciting annual event where homeopathy supporters, practitioners, and students come together to learn, connect, and thrive. If any of you are attending JAHC 2024 please join me on Friday morning for my presentation!

Hosted by the National Center for Homeopathy, JAHC 2024 will be a hybrid conference, featuring both in-person tickets to attend in Reston, VA and virtual ticket options.

Top educators from the US and around the world will share their homeopathy expertise about a variety of topics. Our community is diverse in the way that they approach health through homeopathy, and at JAHC we welcome everyone. The conference is designed to honor traditional, classical methods and introduce attendees to the latest advancements, approaches and innovations being used today. While the inclusion of new methods does not constitute an endorsement, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and offering members of our community a platform to share their 21st century knowledge and experiences.

March Blog Feature

Happy Gut, Healthy Body

The foundation of good health starts with a healthy, happy digestive system. The gut is where many of the most important processes happen in the body such as eliminating toxins, absorbing nutrients, filtering out viruses and bacteria, and supporting the immune system. When our gut is in optimal shape, our body tends to be healthier overall. Below are five areas everyone can address in order to help improve their gut function. However, keep in mind that each of us has an individual picture of health. That’s why it is always a good idea to talk to your Holistic Health Practitioner about your own digestive wellness.


Probiotics are beneficial strains of bacteria that occur naturally in the body. They help break down food, aid in digestion, make some nutrients more bio-available, and combat the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria. The use of pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and chronic stress all compromise health levels of beneficial bacteria, making it harder for them to do their job. Many of us need daily supplementation with a high quality probiotic. Naturopathic Doctors and other Holistic Health Practitioners are experts in knowing what brands, strains and doses are appropriate for individuals. It is important to maintain the quality of your supplement by keeping it refrigerated. Also, help feed good bacteria with soluble fiber and fermented foods.

Food Sensitivities

One thing to eliminate from your diet to immediately improve your gut health are foods to which you have allergies and sensitivities. Food sensitivities are not as obvious as food that you have an anaphylactic reaction too — such as hives, inflammation, difficulty breathing or rashes. That deals with a different part of the immune system. Food sensitivities are foods that you might eat on a regular basis that your body has developed a chronic low-grade intolerance for. If the problem is left untreated, your body can become over-reactive to many kinds of foods, even some you don’t eat regularly. Your Doctor can test you for food sensitivities so that you can eliminate them from your diet.


One of the most critical parts of a healthy gut is good elimination. Practitioners can tell quite a bit about your overall state of health by the number of bowel movements you have a day as well as the quality. Soluble and insoluble fiber will help with elimination, as does movement in the form of exercise and stretching. It is important to have the right balance in your transit time between when you eat and when you have a bowel movement. If you are constipated, it means that toxins and body waste are sitting in your intestines. You run the risk of reabsorbing some of the toxins. If your transit time is too quick, your body doesn’t have time to absorb the nutrition from your food.


An important aspect to elimination and a healthy gut is proper hydration. We need water to flush toxins, absorb nutrients through osmosis, and help the body from becoming constipated. Make sure to include clean sources of water in your daily routine. Staying hydrated throughout the day is more beneficial to your body than hydrating with several glasses of water all at once. While flavored beverages can be appealing, added sugars, caffeine, dyes, and other chemicals can negate any positive effects. Water is necessary in and of itself, so make sure to get enough pure, clean water in your diet as necessary.

Stress Reduction

Our gut is often thought of as our emotional center. We get butterflies in our stomach, or nausea with stage fright, or we may have a gut feeling. In truth, chronic stress, anger and anxiety can have a negative impact on our gut health. It is important to be mindful of the amount of chronic stress you have in your life. Conscious breath, or taking deep refreshing breaths several times during the day can help release any stored up tension in your gut. If you find yourself storing stress, try taking a walk outside, phone a friend, or listen to music that soothes you.


Yogurt Parfaits!

This desert is lightly sweet from the natural sugars in the fruit and touch of honey. Use any non-dairy or dairy yogurt in the recipe. In addition to the benefits of the probiotics in the yogurt, you will be getting the antioxidants from the fresh berries, and the immune boosting beta-glucans from the oats. This healthy recipe also provides nutrients such as calcium and B vitamins.


  • 4 cups old-fashioned organic oats
  • 2 cups grated organic coconut
  • 1 cup sliced raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 3/4 cup organic butter or Smart Balance
  • 1 cup organic granola cereal
  • 1 1/2 cups flavored coconut yogurt
  • 1 cup sliced organic strawberries
  • 1 cup organic blueberries


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Toss oats, coconut, honey, almonds, canola oil together and place onto a cooking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool.
  • In serving glasses, layer granola, yogurt, and fruit as desired. Serve immediately, or cover, and chill for up to 2 hours.

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