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Heart disease is the leading cause of death, disability, and health care costs in the US. More than 150 million Americans suffer from heart disease or one of its risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking, or diabetes.  Nearly half the people in this country will die from a heart attack or stroke. Cardiovascular disease is also becoming epidemic around the world as developing societies take on modern lifestyles.

Conventional medical science points to several risk factors that lead to heart disease. Most of these risk factors are related to our lifestyle choices. They include high blood pressure (or hypertension), high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. Psychological stress is another risk factor that is increasingly recognized as a cause of cardiovascular damage as a contributor to many of the other risk factors, such as hypertension. In modern medicine, this is called the mind-heart or brain-heart connection. 

We compassionately meet you where you are by listening to your story, utilizing all available resources, then collaborating as a team to create an individualized treatment plan.

You can schedule your appointment where you will have your vitals taken,

C-IMT scan, blood work, and a follow-up to go over your results and develop a plan.

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