Homeopathy and Constipation

by Homeopathy

There are times when people do everything just right and still suffer from constipation. There are also people who don’t suffer from constipation and they don’t get nearly enough fiber in their diet. Why is this? This is because of the difference in susceptibility for each person. This is the bueaty of treating diseases with homeopathy. We can make sure all the life style needs are being met, make sure people get the fiber they need and yet they still may struggle. This is when homeopathy will shine and after a complete case is taken and the right homeopathic remedy is given the problems of constipation improve. Lets look at a case from the literature:

A married lady, tall, slender, brunette, aged 25 years, is troubled with obstinate constipation, often a whole week passes without stool.

  • Stools in small balls, only voided with great effort.

  • Gurgling of gas in left side of abdomen, often with acute pain there followed by soreness internally.

  • Dull frontal headache; worse from laughing; worse from external pressure.

  • Crusty eruption on scalp, with itching when warm.

  • Hair dry, lustreless, falling off.

  • Hair full of electricity, crackling when combed or brushed, refusing to lie smooth.

  • Sensitive to draft across the head, especially upon the occiput.

  • Foot sweat profuse, making the stockings sticky as if full of gum.

  • Feet cold in winter, burning in summer.

She was given Sanicula, 10m one time and her report 6 weeks later was the following: Stools daily and normal. Doing well every way. This patient was followed for several more years and the change has been permanent.

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