A Holistic First Aid Kit for Pets

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Holistic First Aid Kit for Pets

A Holistic First Aid Kit for Pets

Many people don’t know that homeopathy is available as a complementary therapy for pets, particularly for routine first-aid care. You can create a homeopathy-based holistic first-aid kit for pets using the resources below.

Many of the items are available from your local holistic veterinarian office or from a pet store that carries vet-approved complementary pet health products. Check with your holistic vet about appropriate use for your cat or dog.

Start with General First Aid Supplies

Create a holistic first-aid kit for pets filled with basic supplies such as gauze, bandages, small towels, non-stick absorbent gauze or cotton pads and wrapping tape.

Add Holistic Formulas for Basic Pet First Aid

Rescue Remedy

is a botanical formula that can help calm dogs that have been involved in a traumatic situation or injury. It’s important to select the formula labeled for pet use, as it does not contain alcohol. Other formulas not specifically marked for pets should not be used for animals. Follow the package directions, usually based on a pet’s weight or size, or as advised by your holistic veterinarian.


used for lacerations, bruises, and musculoskeletal pain, is available as both an herbal remedy and a homeopathic remedy. The dosing for each formula is different. Ask your holistic vet about which of the variety of formulas (homeopathic, herbal, and topical) is best to keep in a first-aid kit for your pet.

Aloe Vera Gel

has just as many wonderful uses for pets as it does for humans, including scrapes, burns, abrasions and other non-open wound injuries. Use food-grade aloe vera; this way, if your pet licks the aloe vera it won’t get sick.

Calendula cream

is a good all-purpose topical cream (or ointment) that can accelerate healing of the skin. It’s safe to use on scraped skin or even on an open cut. When using calendula products, cover the wound so the pet does not lick the area.

A variety of homeopathic options are available for more serious pet first-aid crises, such as eye irritation, insect stings, and rashes. However, it’s best to consult with a holistic homeopathic veterinarian before using any type of homeopathic remedy for your pet.


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