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Hi this is Kristen, the health coach at Pure Center of Health. I am here today to invite you to join us this September for a 60 day fall reset.  Click this link to hear more about digestion!

Today we are talking about digestion! Did you know the gut is referred to as the second brain? Our gut health and digestion can play a large role in how we feel impacts our health in many ways!

A tip for you today is paying attention to not just what you are eating, but how you are eating! Chewing your food properly can make a huge difference in our digestion. If you can practice REALLY chewing your food before you swallow will help your body digest and absorb your food at a much greater level. You will feel more energized, less bloated and tired after a meal because you have allowed the body to be efficient. It requires SO much energy to digest food!  I LOVE helping guide people to reach their optimal energy levels and digestion! We will cover more about this for our fall reset challenge!

I again invite you to join us this fall for your 60 day transformation! Want to learn more? Click below where you can read more details about our program, you can schedule a free call with me to answer any questions you may have or if you are ready to commit register. We want you to revitalize your health!

Click this link to learn more and sign up!!

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