Covid-19, Homeopathy and Epidemic Diseases

by Homeopathy

Many people have asked me to comment on the “Coronavirus”  I will admit that for the first few weeks of this epidemic I was highly annoyed by the entire topic.  However, epidemic diseases have shaped our world for centuries and Covid-19 will be no different.  So as I realized that this was not just the media blowing something out of proportion I changed my tune.  The Covid-19 “Coronavirus” is something we must all take seriously.  We are all forever changed from this unsettling experience.

Since the 1800’s homeopathy has treated epidemic disease with tremendous success.  I am excited to teach and share about this topic and invite you to listen to my free webinar titled “Covid-19, Homeopathy and Epidemic Disease.

You can click here for the video recording of this lecture.

I have also included my slides that you can download as well as FAQ that I received when I did this webinar live.

In this webinar I speak to the evidence of homeopathy and how homeopathy has treated other epidemic diseases and how homeopathy should be the treatment of choice for infectious diseases including the Covid-19 virus.

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