Come SIT with us – Remedies for Hemorrhoids

by Natural Health

No one likes to talk about hemorrhoids but many of us have them!!!  Perhaps this small list of other remedies to use will be helpful for you to try for an at home treatment.


Aesculus: Rectum is dry, sore, burning, and feels as if full of small sticks, splinters, knives, gravel or other foreign substances had become lodged in the rectum. Can only kneel. Blind or protruding purplish hemorrhoids accompanied by severe aching and shooting pain across the back and hips as if they would break in two. Aggravated from stooping, rising from sitting, any movement.


Aloe: intense itching and burning hemorrhoids that protrude like a bunch of grapes.  Pain prevents sleep; very sore, tender, and hot; constant bearing down in rectum.  Better from cold water.


Collinsonia: painful bleeding hemorrhoids with sensations of sticks, sand, or gravel lodged in rectum; Hemorrhoids are worse due to increase pressure in the pelvis such as constipation, prolapse of the uterus or rectum, pelvic pressure such as in later months of pregnancy.


Graphites:  Large hemorrhoids with a sensation as if split with a knife and/or  violent itching, and very sore to touch. Burning pain with cracks around the anus.  Pain on sitting down, or on taking a wide step.  


Hamamelis: Bluish hemorrhoids protrude and often develop during pregnancy or post partum.  They bleed at every bowel movement.  There may be pulsating, burning, soreness, fullness and weight; weakness and weariness of the back, as if it would break.


Lycopodium: Hemorrhoids protrude easily and may bleed even when there is no constipation. The anus is sore and frequently surrounded by a moist, itching eruption.  Worse sitting and by touch.


Nux Vomica: blind or bleeding hemorrhoids that prick and burn and itch violently at night in bed. They compel the patient to sit in a tub of cold water for relief.  There will be ineffectual and frequent urging to stool, which is large and difficult to expel or small and hard.  There remains a feeling as if part were unexcelled.


Ratanhia: Straining, stool so hard the patient cries out, there is great straining, protrusion of hemorrhoids followed by long-lasting violently painful aching and burning in anus.


Sepia: There is often a sensation of heaviness like a ball in the rectum  There is often great heat and burning, the pains dart upwards.  Hemorrhoids protrude and often bleed and tend to be worse while walking.

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