Can Bachs Rescue Remedy Rescue You from Anxiety?

by Natural Health

Bachs Rescue Remedy

Can Bachs Rescue Remedy Rescue You from Anxiety?

Bachs Rescue Remedy is a type of Bach Flower Remedy, a line of flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach during the early Twentieth Century. An English physician, Bach believed that many illnesses were caused by negative emotional states. He put forth the theory that conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression could be alleviated with flower essences.

What is a Flower Essence?

A flower essence is made by placing fresh flowers in water and exposing the mixture to sunlight (or another heat source) to create an infusion. When the infusion is ready, the flower parts are discarded and the remaining liquid is preserved, diluted, and stored in vials. A flower essence is said to work by imbuing the vibrational healing energy of the infused flower when consumed. Usually, this involves using it sublingually or dropping a certain amount of the liquid infusion into a tea. Most Bach flower remedies are derived from a single flower, but Rescue Remedy is a specially blended infusion of five different wildflowers:

  • Cherry plum
  • Clematis
  • Impatiens
  • Rock rose
  • Star-of-Bethlehem

Stress is a well-known cause of emotional and physical distress, as well as being a key player in chronic health conditions. Holistic health proponents of Bach flower remedies indicate that flower essences can provide gentle relief from the ill-effects of stress, thereby reducing the occurrence and/or intensity of emotional distress and anxiety.

There is growing interest in Rescue Remedy and other flower essences. While clinical research is limited on the therapeutic effects of flower essences, they are generally safe to try. As always, your holistic health practitioner is an invaluable resource to guide you in your healing.


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