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Hi this is Kristen, the health coach at Pure Center of Health. I am here today to invite you to join us this September for a 60 day fall reset.

In this video I discuss the 80-20 Approach to your healthy habits!

We have talked about processed foods, but today here is a tip to help you feeling good – AVOID the all or nothing approach! It is not an expectation or is at all realistic to be perfect with your diet all of the time. There are holidays, birthdays and special events to celebrate and enjoy. It is all about balance and finding a CONSISTENT approach to eating in a healthy way day in and day out, but perfection is not the goal. I like to focus on the 80/20 approach instead of the all or nothing approach. Every day give yourself the focus of eating 80% of the total foods you consume to be wholesome and healthy foods with 20% fun foods you are more likely to stick to this long-term, instead of yoyo dieting, up and down roller coaster with weight, energy, etc.

Join us this fall for your 60 day transformation! Want to learn more? Click below where you can read more details about our program, you can schedule a free call with me to answer any questions you may have or if you are ready to commit register. We want you to revitalize your health!

Click this link to learn more and sign up!!

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